Technical Support & Outsourcing

We follow careful selection process and our team is highly skilled and experienced they do deep drilling for everysingle position and after 3-4 layer filtrations, we sent to our customer so that they will shortlist the best candidate and our hitting rate is very good in that, we generally hire following

Pool of Telecom Resources (GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/LTE)

  • RF Optimizers (GSM/ CDMA)
  • OSS/BSS Specialist
  • RNO
  • Network Specialist
  • Core Specialist
  • Network Integration
  • Network Planning & Optimization
  • Fault Management Engineer
  • Performance Management Engineer
  • Configuration Management Engineer
  • Problem Management/Incident Management
  • SDM Engineer
  • MPBN Specialist
  • RAN Engineer
  • BSS Engineer
  • Project Management
  • Language Translator with Technical background.
  • Transmission Planners
  • RF Drive Testing Experts
  • RF & LOS Survey Engineers
  • RF Project Manager
  • Transmission Project Manager
  • Technicians & Riggers